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Koramic clay roof tiles

designed by people, for people

KORAMIC – N° 1 in Europe in Clay Roof Tiles

Over 120 years of amassed expertise and extensive production experience make KORAMIC one of your first stops for clay roof tiles.

KORAMIC - clay roof tiles with a unique tradition
Compilation picture Koramic tiles

KORAMIC is the biggest producer of Clay Roof Tiles in Europe and one of the core brands of the Wienerberger group, the world’s largest brick and roof tile producers.

17 clay roof tile plants in 7 countries including Sandtoft in Great Britain and ZZ-Wancor in Switzerland produce first quality products for local and for export markets.

As a result KORAMIC offers you a broad range of more than 100 models in an extensive array of colours and different surface textures. Whether traditional, modern red tones or other colours, and whether for renovation projects or trendsetting architecture: KORAMIC has the right product for every taste and need. With variety and innovation, Wienerberger aims to exactly match the personal needs of its customers.

450 million units annually

Koramic Production Units
Koramic Production Units


*32 productionlines in 6 different countries: Belgium, Estonia,France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland

* Local sales representatives all over Europe

32 production lines in 6 different countries

Customer advice
Customer advice

Our clay roofing tiles are designed by people, for people. It is only natural then forKORAMIC to treat its own enthusiastic and motivated people with the same respect as those whose homes we are protecting with our roof tiles. Whether they are producing or selling, developing or controlling, designing or supervising, it is their know-how, their expertise, and their commitment to quality that has made KORAMIC utterly unique and successful over all these years.

Created by people, for people

Customer advice
Customer advice

The roofing sector is based on strong partnerships between different stakeholders. Each brings its very own particular values and expertise to every project: architects, roofing contractors, project developers, main contractors, merchants, social investment groups, purchasing organisations, local authorities, and homeowners. KORAMIC believes in these partnerships and holds a profound respect for them. We will always try to secure the best solution for each party and help each of them achieve their own individual goals.

Respecting partnerships

Over 30 Year Guarantee will bring with it two benefits: peace of mind and a lifetime of comfort and protection. This gives comprehensive assurance that the durability of all KORAMIC roof tiles is guaranteed and supported by European test conformity to EN 1304 and the quality management certification process of ISO 9001.


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