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The new KORAMIC Kanal 10 Tile

Discover the Kanal 10 tile: A high Definition Tile designed for the roof in your region.

The new Kanal 10 tile combine technical data and aesthetic qualities and it is thus perfectly adapted to the eastern and southern roofs.


The High Fastness Tile

  • Installation’s flexibility: thanks to its double play, 30 mm in length and 15 mm in width
  • Fast installation: Thanks to its 10 per m² format and a length mark for easy laying
  • Easy transportation and handling: A stable pallet with mini packets of 5 roof tiles  assure a safe transport and easy handling


The High Finishing Tile

  • Mediterranean aesthetic: Thanks to its curved shape and the Munk & Non design
  • High finishing quality: The production in plaster moulds assures a smooth surface
  • Colours for your region: From natural red and multiblend to old ochre


The High Performance Tile

  • Watertightness: A reinforced watertightness thanks to 3 interlockings
  • Best fixing: 2 nail holes makes the fixation on hips and in valleys extreme easy
  • Stability and resistance: On the inside the plots increase the stability and the reinforcements guarantee the tile’s resistance

Highly competitive and aesthetic, it gathers all the qualities to captivate you

Characteristics :

- Large format tile with interlocking
- Straight bond laying
- Deep interlocking = reinforced watertightness


The implementation must comply with the requirements of the DTU 40.21.


Batten distance (30 mm flexibility) 362 to 392 mm
Working width (15 mm play) 235 to 250 mm
Total length 487 mm
Total  width 305 mm
Quantity per m² at maximum batten spacing: 10 pieces
Tolerance of dimensions according to EN 1304 + 2 %
Weight per roof tile 4,5 kg
Number per pallet 250 pieces
Weight per pallet 1100 kg
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